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Automated Capture

Save time and effort by automating the capture of frequently used words and phrases.

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Stop Re-writing

Effortlessly access the templates you need without having to remember exactly how you saved them or search through your repository

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Expand your productivity beyond just text by allowing you to quickly and easily insert entire files directly into your work

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From the small stuff to the big picture, our product organizes work so you and your team can deliver better results.

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"The software has a simple, clean, and easy-to-work user interface."

Efrat Rosenblatt, Adv.

Law Lecturer

This is going to save me so much headache."

Odell Noni

General Counsel, Canaan Group

"Within an hour of installing Assist-Ant, it secured its place on my keyboard - anyone who works on a keyboard must install and try it."

Uria Lin

VC Principle

"Text learning and autocomplete... Quite ingenious."

Adv. Avi Seroussi

Partner, David-Seroussi-Sol

"This is a powerful tool with many features, which the lawyer receives for a return that is above and beyond the price of an annual subscription."

Levin Erez, Adv.

Lawyer and mediator

"Text learning and autocomplete... Quite ingenious."

Adv. Avi Seroussi

Partner, David-Seroussi-Sol

"The software knows how to identify each user's writing style. Using it makes it significantly easier to work."

Guy Gordon, Adv.

Partner, Corporate & Securities Department

"Assist-Ant is the greatest invention since sliced bread! It has completely transformed my workday and made me feel like a productivity superhero."

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Ready for team work

Repository structure gives you a clear view on your templates, so you don’t need to worry about finding them, No mess.

Get organised better

Keep an eye on your team’s progress and workload. Get real-time stats and other visual highlights to share status and spot problems.

Find more clarity

Dive into a doc together and express your first ideas, get feedback, map out a plan or write up the final documentation.